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Our priority is to provide every woman with the image clarity essential to their breast health, and reduce anxiety through a more personal, relaxing imaging experience. Hear from some of the patients we proudly serve.

Dense breasts
"The QTscan is very relaxing. No pain … absolutely no pain at all. It felt like going to a spa."

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Breast implants
"The feeling compared to my mammogram was completely different. I closed my eyes and almost fell asleep."

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Family history of breast cancer
"After my QTscan, I was like, that’s it? No pain. No compression. That's great."

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The Facts


of women aged 40 and over have had a mammogram in the past two years, according to the CDC.7


of women have had breast cancer inaccurately diagnosed through mammography.9


QTscan is the only true 3D ultrasound breast imaging technology.8

Family history of breast cancer, false positives
"My QTscan was a great experience. It was almost like having a massage."

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Family history of breast cancer
"The QTscan really was like going to a spa. I didn’t want to get up from the table."

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Previous detection of lumps, under 30 years old
"I felt peace and assurance throughout my QTscan. They treated me like a person, not a patient."

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Family history of breast cancer, dense breasts
"It was a lovely, gentle experience. I’d do it three times a year if necessary."

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Why a QTscan may be the right choice for you

Dense breasts

The QTscan can image dense breast tissue and provide supplemental information to conventional modalities.

Family history of breast cancer

The QTscan uses no radiation, so it can be available to women of all ages, with no frequency limits common to radiation-based imaging tests.

Breast implants

Our comfortable, compression-free imaging provides a safe way for women with implants to receive critical information about their breast health.

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