See breast health in a whole new light.

To provide candid insights into the world of QTbreasthealth, we’re proud to introduce a short film series featuring patients, medical experts and the leaders behind our technology in open conversation. Watch any episode you like, or view them all to get the full story.

Episode 1: Introducing the QTscan

Explore the groundbreaking technology behind our QTscan, and our mission to revolutionize image clarity and personal care for all women.


Episode 2: The Importance of Choice

Learn what makes a QTscan different from other imaging options.


Episode 3: The QTscan Experience

Real patients describe the experience of having a QTscan, from the moment of arrival at a QTbreasthealth Center to the feeling of the scan itself.


Episode 4: Receiving Your Results

Discover how QTbreasthealth takes a more personal approach to providing image results, with an emphasis on personal consultation and education.


Episode 5: Into The Future

Medical experts share their view on the future potential of the technology behind the QTscan.