We provide you with clarity, compassion, comfort.

At QTbreasthealth, we understand the importance of gathering clear information about your breast tissue. We also feel you deserve a pleasant, comforting experience you won’t receive at other imaging centers.

The moment you enter our facility, you’ll be enveloped by a calming, pleasant environment. Warm, caring staff members are there to ensure you have a positive experience from start to finish. Even the music playing during your QTscan is catered to your personal preference.

Comforting scents, soft robes, and a relaxing imaging experience are all key elements of QT breasthealth’s innovative process. Most importantly, you’ll get the clarity you deserve.

It’s easy to see QTscan was truly designed with women like you in mind.

What can you expect during your QTscan?



As soon as you arrive at our comforting QTbreasthealth center, you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly team members. They’ll help check you in for your appointment and ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire if you haven’t already done so online. If you haven't already pre-paid, you’ll be asked to make the full payment of $600 (by credit card, check, or your FSA/HSA card) for your compression-free, radiation-free QTscan.
Please note that we are not currently accepting insurance. We can provide a receipt for you to submit reimbursement from your FSA or HSA.


Change and Scan

A team member will escort you to the exam room where you’ll undress from the waist up. You’ll be provided a soft robe to wear. Once changed, the QTbreasthealth technician will re-enter the room and help you get positioned comfortably on the QTscanner. The technician will carefully place a magnet on your breast and you’ll lie with your face down. Your breasts will rest in a pool of body-temperature water, so it’s hardly noticeable.

The total scan time takes about 30 minutes, depending on the size of your breasts. There is absolutely no compression, injections, radiation or pain. In fact, you’re encouraged to rest peacefully as music plays softly in the background.

When it’s time to be repositioned, the technician will help you do so. Once the QTscan is complete, the technician will hand you a towel to dry off your chest, and you’ll be escorted to the changing area once again. The entire process from check-in to departure should take about an hour in total.



You'll receive real results from a real person. Our breast health expert will follow up directly with a consultation to provide you with timely results – whether you have an all-clear or we have recommended next steps we’ll be sure you have the detailed results you came for.

We will provide you with a PDF report of your QTscan results – or one of our physicians can schedule a time to review the report with your doctor, should you desire.


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Common Questions

As an adjunct to mammography, many women will come to us for follow up imaging if their results from traditional imaging were inconclusive.  We provide that imaging with no radiation and our doctors can provide information about your breast health with timely results.

QT stands for Quantitative Transmission ultrasound, the innovative technology that is the foundation of the QTscan.

Most traditional breast imaging takes pictures of your breasts in 2-dimensional views or uses them to reconstruct three-dimensional images. QT Ultrasound captures the third dimension. A QTscan uses both reflection and transmission modalities. This suggests that direct speed-of-sound measurements have the potential to discriminate between different types of tissue. The QTscan can detect objects as small as just a few hundred cells.

The QTscan uses no radiation so the exam can be available to women of all ages and has no frequency limits as radiation-based imaging tests do.

The QTscan uses no compression or injections. Most women who have experienced a QTscan say that it is a painless, comfortable experience. Some women even fall asleep during the scanning process as their breast rests in a soothing container of body-temperature water.

QT Ultrasound is the parent company of QT breasthealth, and the creator of the QTscan. For more information, please visit the QT Ultrasound website.

We currently have four QTbreasthealth locations- Novato, Walnut Creek, San Jose, California, and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Novato was our first location. It is located in the Hamilton Landing Hangar #3, Suite 180A. The signage is not obvious, but we are located on the directory. Parking is available in the lot directly in front of and behind the building.

The QTbreasthealth San Jose location is located near the Good Samaritan Hospital on Samaritan Court within a medical plaza in Suite K.

Our Walnut Creek location is on Camino Diablo on the second floor of the medical plaza.

The Grand Rapids location is on the second floor within Bengtson Center for Aesthetics and Plastics Surgery on East Paris Drive.

A QTscan is $600 and can be paid by credit card, check, or your FSA/HSA card at the time of your appointment or online when you schedule. If you choose to pre-pay for your scan prior to your appointment, you can save $50 off the cost of the scan.

Your doctor may refer you for a QTscan. Some doctors may not be aware of the QTscan because it is a new, groundbreaking breast imaging option. Our QT Ultrasound technology is FDA-cleared as an adjunct to mammography. This means that if you’ve had a mammogram and didn’t get clear results because you have dense breasts or implants, a QTscan could give you a clearer picture of what’s happening in your breast tissue.

QTbreasthealth does not currently accept insurance. We can provide a receipt to request reimbursement from your HSA or FSA.

Your appointment at QTbreasthealth will take about an hour from arrival to departure. This includes your check-in, scan time, and changing your clothes in between.

After your appointment and you may request a PDF report of your QTscan results to be sent to your doctor. Because our QTscan uses a proprietary software to read the images, we don't send them to your physician. Our physicians can schedule a time to review the images with your doctor, if requested.

If your QTscan shows a finding, we will provide all location and size details in your results report, so that your physician has detailed information and can speak with you about any recommended follow-up.

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If you fit the criteria of a clinical trial that we are actively recruiting for, you may participate at Marin Breast Health Trial Center. Visit this link for a list of current clinical trials we’re recruiting for.

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