QTbreasthealth’s Breast Imaging Center Brings Radiation-Free QTscan Technology to Grand Rapids Region

Grand Rapids, MI January 29, 2019 QTbreasthealth, an innovation-driven, patient-friendly breast imaging center designed to provide women with a comfortable experience and reliable, radiation-free imaging, has launched a center in Grand Rapids. The new location, at 2155 E. Paris Ave., SE, is open now and booking appointments.

The center features the groundbreaking quantitative transmission ultrasound technology known as the QTscan – a new, FDA-cleared 3D ultrasound breast imaging technology that provides women an option with no radiation, no compression and no injections. Plus, the technology provides unimpeded visibility for women with dense breast tissue. QTbreasthealth’s goal is to provide technology that encourages women to get scanned as often as necessary, with no risk.

The Grand Rapids center is the third QTbreasthealth location, following two California locations in Marin and Walnut Creek, with several more locations scheduled to open around the country throughout 2019.  News of the Grand Rapids opening comes on the heels of ongoing clinical trials, which have found the QTscan to be successful in identifying various types of breast tissue, particularly within dense breasts.

“We’re excited to bring this incredible technology to the people of Grand Rapids,” said Dotty Bollinger, QTbreasthealth’s Chief Growth Officer. “Not only are we able to offer next-generation breast imaging, but with our continued expansion, we are now able to reach more women.”

The new Grand Rapids center, like all QTbreasthealth locations, offers a spa-like breast imaging experience, complete with soothing scents, comforting robes, and a relaxing imaging scan that some women actually sleep through. Unlike most other breast imaging centers, QTbreasthealth patients receive results via phone or teleconference with a provider within 72 hours.

Because the QTscan uses no radiation, the exam is available to women of all ages and avoids the frequency limits associated with radiation-based imaging tests. The clear and comprehensive, 3D image delivered by the QTscan also makes QTbreasthealth an ideal second opinion for breast imaging, providing a more detailed image than mammography or handheld ultrasound.

Women interested in scheduling an appointment can conveniently access the QTbreasthealth website.

“Breast cancer impacts all races, religions, body types and ages, which means early detection and regular breast imaging is incredibly important for all women,” Bollinger added. “The QTscan has the clarity to see what other methods can miss, and our centers provide a comfortable, compassionate setting when women need it the most.”

The FDA recently granted QTscan technology the Breakthrough Device designation, potentially offering new opportunities for earlier and more frequent screening for young women at high risk for breast cancer who have no available FDA-cleared screening options.



About QTbreasthealth:

With two locations in California and third in Michigan, QTbreasthealth, a wholly-owned subsidiary of QT Ultrasound®, is a breast imaging center offering reassurance without radiation. The center’s FDA-cleared QTscan provides clarity into existing areas of concern previously identified, in a comfortable and soothing setting, with no radiation compression or injections. The QT Ultrasound Breast Scanner is for use as an ultrasonic imaging system to provide reflection-mode and transmission-mode images of a patient’s breast. The device is not intended to be used as a replacement for screening mammography.  For more information on the technology behind the QTscan, please visit qtultrasound.com. For more information on QTbreasthealth or to schedule an appointment, please visit qtbreasthealth.com.

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