Breast Imaging Center to Open in Novato with Radiation-free QTscan

QTbreasthealth Marin opens in Novato August 20

QTscan of young woman at QTbreasthealthNOVATO, Calif. August 16, 2018 QTbreasthealth, a breast imaging center designed to give women a comfortable experience and radiation-free imaging, will open its doors to the public on Monday, August 20 at 3 Hamilton Landing, Suite 180A in Novato.

The foundation of the center’s innovative approach is the QTscan – an emerging new trend in ultrasound 3D breast imaging that has no radiation, no compression, and no injections. QTscan is currently the only true 3D, FDA-cleared breast imaging technology for women as a follow-up to mammography.

“For every one woman with cancer, there are 19 more who will endure the trauma of a false positive,” said Mark Lenox, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer of QT Ultrasound, the privately held technology company that owns and operates QTbreasthealth. “Our QTscan provides reassurance without radiation, particularly for women with dense breasts and implants, as a secondary screen to determine the presence of breast mass types.”

The clearer and more complete image delivered by the QTscan makes QTbreasthealth the perfect second opinion for breast imaging and a more detailed image than mammography or handheld ultrasound.

The center opens after QT Ultrasound’s ongoing clinical trials found the transmission ultrasound technology used in the QTscan to be successful in identifying various types of breast tissue, particularly within dense breasts. In 2016, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded the company $16 million in funding, which was used to translate and optimize a pre-clinical prototype into the patient-friendly device QTbreasthealth will now offer in its center.

At $600 per scan, QTbreasthealth provides an affordable breast imaging option for most women in a soothing, comfortable and compassionate setting. Women interested in an appointment can conveniently schedule their visit online at the QT breasthealth website.

Unlike at other breast imaging centers, a patient will receive results via phone or teleconference with a board-certified physician within just 72 hours. Because the QTscan uses no radiation, the exam is available to adults of all ages and avoids the frequency limits associated with radiation-based imaging tests.

“Women deserve a better breast imaging experience,” Lenox said. “We have transformed what has historically been an uncomfortable experience that resulted in worry and unanswered questions into something pleasant and painless that can alleviate concerns and unfounded fear.”

For more information on QTbreasthealth and the QTscan, visit

For more information on the QTscan and QT Ultrasound, please visit

About QTbreasthealth
With two locations in the San Francisco Bay Area – Novato and Walnut Creek – QTbreasthealth is a breast imaging center offering reassurance without radiation. The center’s QTscan provides clarity into existing areas of concern previously identified, in a comfortable and soothing setting, with no radiation compression or injections.QT Ultrasound has received FDA clearance for its breast imaging system. The QTscan is not intended as a replacement for screening mammography

QTbreasthealth’s goal is to provide a safe, painless option for breast imaging that will help give women knowledge about their breast health by providing a clear image.

For more information on the technology behind the QTscan, please visit

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