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Why recommend QTbreasthealth for your patients?

For half the female population with dense breasts, the QTscan provides a new level of clarity in breast imaging which can identify the presence of lesions – without radiation or breast compression. A breakthrough in imaging, QTscans can see microanatomy down to the size of just a few hundred cells, offering image contrast comparable to a traditional MRI* and visibility of dense breast issue, clearer than mammography.

For patients with breast implants who desire a secondary imaging option, the QTscan has the ability to see breast tissue around breast implants better than a mammogram – it is a truly adjunctive modality that provides more information to make sure nothing is hiding. Providers also use the QTscan to provide visual confirmation for themselves and their patients as to breast implant placement.

Women who prefer, or require, more frequent imaging, can be referred for a QTscan because no radiation means no risk.

*Mark Lenox et al. Imaging Performance of Quantitative Transmission Ultrasound, International Journal of Biomedical Imaging

Results you can clearly see.

Mammography is the standard of care for breast health screening, but faces tremendous challenges when imaging dense breast tissue, putting half the population at a disadvantage. The QTscan can image through dense breasts and show any suspicious regions, making it the perfect complement to mammography for complete breast health information.

It’s the only FDA-cleared ultrasound technology that uses true 3D acquisition. The QTscan algorithm has the ability to systematically strip away normal tissues to expose an underlying mass deep within the dense breast tissue.

See the data for yourself.

QTscans see the whole picture

In this real patient scan, the QT algorithm systematically characterizes and strips away normal tissues to expose the underlying suspicious mass.

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