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The Dense Breast Solution You Deserve

Did you receive a letter after your mammogram that says you have dense breasts? You should know you’re not alone. About half the female population have breasts that are considered dense due to the appearance of the breast tissue on their mammogram.

It’s also not uncommon for women to receive a letter after their mammogram informing them they have dense breasts and should undergo further testing. This letter is vague and can be confusing.

Women with dense breasts are at an immediate disadvantage when it comes to traditional breast imaging. Because mammography has difficulty imaging through dense breasts, it can miss subtle cancers that may be obscured by the dense breast tissue.

Breast density categories

Breasts are almost all fatty tissue.

There are scattered areas of dense and fibrous tissue.

More of the breast is made of dense glandular and fibrous tissue. This can make it hard to see small abnormalities in or around the dense tissue.

Breasts are extremely dense, which makes it hard to see abnormalities in the tissue.

Seeing through dense breast tissue

The FDA-cleared* QTscan uses innovative technology that allows us to see through dense breasts with no radiation, compression or injections. This approach enables our radiologists to identify issues that may be problematic. QTscan is the only true 3D transmission imaging technology that can be used to spot these suspicious areas easily, providing you with clarity about your dense breasts quickly. In fact, QTscan can see your dense breast tissue down to just a few hundred cells. We know it can be difficult to wait for information when it comes to your health, so we provide real results from a real person.  Our care team will follow up directly to provide you with timely results – whether you have an all-clear or we have recommended next steps we’ll be sure you have the detailed results you came for.

If you’ve had a mammogram and have been told you need additional screening because of your dense breasts, a comforting and compression-free QTscan could be the right next step.

Let's put the decision making about your breast health in the most qualified hands — yours.

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Jane found a lump in her dense breast.
Then she found the QTscan.

Meet "Jane", an actual patient – who could very well be you, your mom, sister, friend or neighbor. Like so many women, Jane felt a lump during a routine self-exam of her breasts. After undergoing a mammogram that found no issues, she was not satisfied with the findings and went on to have a handheld ultrasound. That exam detected a mass but couldn’t identify the type of lesion. Jane persisted until she found a breast imaging option capable of accurately seeing through her dense breast tissue.

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Actual Images
Patient's name changed to protect her identity
Mammogram Handheld Ultrasound MRI
with contrast
Mammogram Handheld Ultrasound MRI QTScan
Mass Detected
High-resolution 3D Image
Compression-free, open environment
Safe for all ages, Radiation & Injection Free
Cost Free or covered by most insurance plans $235+ $1200+ (Varies by insurance plan) $600

QTscan can help doctors distinguish between healthy and abnormal cells and may have identified Jane’s mass before she even felt it. Routine breast imaging is the best form of prevention.

Introducing women like you

"The QTscan was comfortable. I actually fell asleep. And my breasts were absolutely fine, which I assumed."
  • Dense Breasts
  • Breast Implants
"I felt peace and I felt assurance from everybody that was there, and especially the actual machine."
  • Previous detection of lumps
  • Under 30 years old
"It was a great experience. It was almost like having a massage."
  • Family history of breast cancer
  • False positives in mammograms

Common Questions

Dense breasts are simply comprised of more supportive, dense tissue than other breasts made up of more fatty tissue. On a typical mammogram, regular breast tissue appears dark and transparent – but dense breast tissue9 appears as solid white areas. This makes it difficult for doctors to identify potentially problematic nodules, since they mimic the color and density of tumors and cysts. Our innovative QTscan can see right through the dense areas and more accurately pinpoint any issues within your tissue.

Your breasts are composed of a collection of ducts, milk glands, fatty tissue (non-dense breast tissue) and other supportive tissue (dense breast tissue). It’s the ratio in which your breasts are made up that determines if you have dense breasts or not.

Yes, extremely. Roughly half of all women have dense breast tissue.

While the mammogram is an important health tool for all women, a pain-free, radiation-free and injection-free QTscan follow-up is a recommended second step for women with dense breast tissue. This tissue hides cancerous cells from mammogram technology, and an ultrasound may be a good option to help spot suspicious areas within dense tissue.

While your dense breast tissue doesn’t turn into cancer, this type of tissue can make it easier for cancer to hide. Your dense breast tissue can mask cancerous cells during conventional mammograms. However, the QTscan can help detect these abnormal cells, even within extremely dense breast tissue.

No. In fact, doctors say10 exercising, keeping a healthy body weight, eating healthy foods, limiting alcohol intake and never using tobacco are the best weapons against breast cancer for women with dense tissue.

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