Clear and comfortable breast imaging for every woman.

Clear and comfortable breast imaging for every woman.

Worried about your breast health? Whether you have dense breasts, breast implants, or need follow-up imaging, the answers you need and safe experience you deserve are just a call away. We also provide Dermal Fillers for the chest area.

Finally, a breast imaging solution that puts patients first.

See why more and more women are choosing QTbreasthealth:

  • More accurate than mammography and handheld ultrasound at identifying certain breast structures 1
  • Compression-free imaging in a spa-like setting
  • Radiation-free—women of all ages can be scanned
  • Faster results, clear answers

QTscanTM—Breakthrough 3D ultrasound imaging for women with dense breasts who need follow-up imaging.

Who is QTbreasthealth right for?

  • Dense Breasts
    Dense Breast

    Dense breasts are linked to a higher risk of cancer. If you are one of the nearly half of all women who have dense breasts, a conventional mammogram may not be capable of accurately imaging your breasts to detect the presence of a lump.

    A breakthrough in dense breast imaging, QTscans are able to accurately image through dense breast tissue, comfortably and without radiation, providing a great adjunctive or follow-up imaging option.

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  • Breast Implants
    Breast Implant

    QTscans are non-compressive, making them a great option for women with breast implants, for whom mammography could not provide definitive results.

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  • Follow-up imaging
    Follow Up

    Many women need additional, follow-up imaging after a mammogram or want the assurance of more frequent imaging due to a family history of breast cancer or genetic predisposition to breast cancer. QTscans are a radiation-free option for women who want clear answers.

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Is a QTscan right for you? Talk to a specialist.

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Clear breast imaging.

Breakthrough technology produces high-fidelity images at comparable contrast to a typical MRI without the risk of Gadolinium (contrast agent) injection. 2

Clearly better patient experience.

Relaxing and peaceful environment.

No compression.

No radiation.

Dense breasts with implants
The QTscan was a breeze. It was so much easier.
Previous detection of lumps, under 30 years old
I felt peace and I felt assurance from everybody that was there, and especially the actual machine.
Family history of breast cancer
Waiting for information is like mental and emotional torture.
Family history of breast cancer, false positives
Women deserve to know what’s going on inside their bodies.


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